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The production steps

Guaranteed and controlled quality

The only cheese with quality certification available in a range containing several different fat contents.



A cheese of quality

A Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 1996.


All about Tomme de Savoie ...

  • Made from unpasteurised milk
  • Non-cooked, pressed cheese
  • 18 to 21cm in diameter and 5 to 8cm high
  • Grey speckled, bloomy rind with “Savoie” marking on the outer edge or on top of the cheese
  • White to yellow inside with small holes
  • Texture soft, yet firm
  • Lactic acid and animal taste, ranging from mild to strong, depending on the maturing
  • Exists as a farm-produced or cheese dairy produced variety
  • Optimal maturing time: 30 days to 3 months
  • Fat content: 20-25-30-35-40-45% in relation to the dry content, which is 8 to 30% of fat compared to the total weight

Production area

  • All of the municipal departments in Savoie and Haute-Savoie

Originand know-how

For centuries, Savoie families have been making butter from milk cream, while the rest of the milk has been used to make a small-sized cheese: Tomme de Savoie.
This is how historically Tomme de Savoie has existed in a “lean” version which suits the modern trend! 

Today, only the authentic Tomme de Savoie enjoys a Protected Geographical Indication serving to guarantee the Savoie source of the milk used, as well as the production and maturing processes. To help consumers recognise the cheese, a mark bearing the lettering “Savoie” appears on the outer edge of the cheese, stamping the Tomme de Savoie with a seal of quality.

Visit the Tomme de Savoie producer’s association

Œufs brouillés à la Tomme de Savoie et au carvi accompagnés de leurs mouillettes

  • Cheese : Tomme de Savoie
  • Dish type : Main, Snack, Starter
  • Season : Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

To have fun at home

Coloring pages to download


Learn more at school
A free educational kit on Cheeses of Savoy PDO-PGI, exists : pedagogical, playful and attractive, it is at your disposal!
To order it, simply download, fill and return the order form.

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3 ateliers pédagogiques à la carte pour les cycles 2 (CP-CE1) et les cycles 3 (CE2, CM1, CM2).

Pour les classes de Savoie et Haute-Savoie, 3 ateliers peuvent être réalisés en classe :
  • La fabrication des Fromages de Savoie
  • La ronde des sens
  • Les Fromages de Savoie : des acteurs durables du territoire
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