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The production steps

Guaranteed and controlled quality

A cheese with close ties to the lands on which it is produced: the Bauges mountain range with mountain agricultural practices dominated by livestock farming.



A cheese of quality

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) since 2002.

All about Tome des Bauges

  • Made from whole, or partially skimmed unpasteurised milk
  • Non-cooked, pressed cheese
  • 18 to 20cm in diameter and 3 to 5cm high
  • Weight between 1.1 and 1.4kg
  • Uneven, grey rind
  • Soft, melting inside
  • A distinctive, flavoured taste with lactic acid, plant and roasted notes
  • Exists in a farm-produced version (green oval casein disc) and a cheese dairy version (red oval casein disc)
  • Optimal maturing time: at least 5 weeks, but between 5 and 8 weeks recommended
  • Fat content: At least 45% fat to the dry content, or 25% in relation to the total weight

Production area

  • The Bauges mountain range in Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Tome des bauges

Origin and know-how

A traditional cheese intended for self-consumption by all families in the Bauges. Its production as a sold product was developed during the course of the XXth century.
Tome des Bauges is unique right down to its name spelt with only one “m”, originating from Savoie patois dialect “Toma” which means “cheese made in Alpine pastures”.

Méli-Mélo de brochettes à la Tome des Bauges

  • Cheese : Tome des Bauges
  • Dish type : Snack
  • Season : Spring, Summer, Autumn

Visit the Tome des Bauges producer’s association

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A free educational kit on Cheeses of Savoy PDO-PGI, exists : pedagogical, playful and attractive, it is at your disposal!
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