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The production steps

Guaranteed and controlled quality

The most fruity and typical of French Emmentals, it is produced in the two Savoie regions, in craftsman-size workshops.

Its production can be traced back to the Middle Ages, becoming significant in both the Savoie regions at the beginning of the XIXth century. 

A cheese of quality

A Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 1996.

All about Emmental de Savoie

  • Made from unpasteurised milk
  • Firm, pressed cheese
  • Very large wheel with a weight of approximately 70kg in a circular, rounded shape
  • 75cm in diameter on average, and 14 to 32cm high
  • A golden yellow rind, with the marking "Savoie” in red on the vertical edge of the wheel
  • Pale yellow to golden yellow inside filled with holes the size of a cherry/hazelnut. These holes are called “eyes”
  • Soft texture
  • Delicate, fruity taste
  • Optimal maturing time: at least 75 days
  • Fat content: At least 45% fat to the dry content, or 28% in relation to the total weight

Production area

  • All of the municipal departments in Savoie and Haute-Savoie

emmental de savoie

Origin and know-how

Matured for a long time, this cheese is made from unpasteurised milk in craftsman-sized workshops, which sets it apart from mass industrial production. The origin of the region’s Emmental is guaranteed by a Protected Geographical Indication. You will recognise the red “Savoie” marking on its vertical edge, as well as its characteristic holes that appear during the maturing process owing to an alternating of hot and cold cellars.
The golden rule of Emmental de Savoie is the rule of 75:

  • 75cm in diameter
  • 75kg
  • at least 75 days of maturing

Its unusual “vital statistics” make this cheese the largest cheese in the world!

Crème brûlée à l'Emmental de Savoie

  • Cheese : Emmental de Savoie
  • Dish type : Main, Starter
  • Season : Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Visit the Emmental producer’s association

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A free educational kit on Cheeses of Savoy PDO-PGI, exists : pedagogical, playful and attractive, it is at your disposal!
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3 ateliers pédagogiques à la carte pour les cycles 2 (CP-CE1) et les cycles 3 (CE2, CM1, CM2).

Pour les classes de Savoie et Haute-Savoie, 3 ateliers peuvent être réalisés en classe :
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  • La ronde des sens
  • Les Fromages de Savoie : des acteurs durables du territoire
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