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The production steps

Guaranteed and controlled quality

A cheese from the Savoie mountain peaks: the valleys of Beaufortain, Maurienne, Tarentaise and Val d'Arly.



Several different types exist: Beaufort, summer Beaufort (made using summer milk) and Alpine chalet Beaufort (made in Alpine chalets up to 1,500m in altitude using the milk from the same herd).

A cheese of quality

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) since 1968.



All about Beaufort

  • Made from unpasteurised milk
  • Firm, pressed cheese
  • Large wheel weighing approximately 40kg with a concave vertical edge
  • 54cm in diameter on average, and 11 to 16cm high
  • Yellow to brownish coloured rind
  • Smooth, melting inside, ivory to pale yellow in colour
  • A unique flavour that is both fruity and floral, with complex animal, plant and sweet roasted fruit notes.
  • A blue, oval casein disc
  • Optimal maturing time: 6 to 9 months
  • Fat content: At least 48% fat to the dry content, or 32% in relation to the total weight


Production area

Beaufortain, Tarentaise and Maurienne, in Savoie. Val d'Arly in Haute-Savoie.


Origin and know-how

Made from unpasteurised milk in the Beaufortain, Maurienne, Tarentaise and Val d'Arly Valleys, Beaufort is a wheel weighing on average 40kgs, with a concave vertical edge. A cheese moulded into a typical wooden circle with some cheesecloth, matured for at least 5 months on spruce shelves in cold cellars, where they are then treated with specific actions (salting, rubbing and turning).

Why is its vertical edge concave?
Historically, this facilitated the transportation of the wheels on the backs of mules. The cheeses were brought down from the Alpine pastures to be matured and sold in the Valley.

Gougère et glace au beaufort et son coulis de tomates fraîches

  • Cheese : Beaufort
  • Dish type : Snack
  • Season : Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Visit the Beaufort producer’s association

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