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Guaranteed and controlled quality

A Raclette more genuine than nature itself, where the upholding of tradition has a delicious side!
As the iconic cheese of the Alpine mountains, Raclette de Savoie is backed by solid tradition.

The only cheese with quality certification available in a range containing several different fat contents.

A cheese with close ties to the lands on which it is produced: the Bauges mountain range with mountain agricultural practices dominated by livestock farming.

A cheese with a mild, flavour-packed taste, taking its name from a trick played by farmers in the XIIIth century. Whether it is the farm-produced or industrial-produced variety, Reblochon is made from unpasteurised milk, and can be consumed all year round!

The most fruity and typical of French Emmentals, it is produced in the two Savoie regions, in craftsman-size workshops.

A cheese made exclusively from farm-produced goat’s milk. It has an unusual texture for a goat’s cheese!


A cheese from the Savoie mountain peaks: the valleys of Beaufortain, Maurienne, Tarentaise and Val d'Arly.

Aftalp, fromage abondance

A valley, a breed of cattle, a village, a cheese. It was in the Middle Ages, spurred on by the Valley’s monks, that the production secrets of this cheese came to light.

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A free educational kit on Cheeses of Savoy PDO-PGI, exists : pedagogical, playful and attractive, it is at your disposal!
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3 ateliers pédagogiques à la carte pour les cycles 2 (CP-CE1) et les cycles 3 (CE2, CM1, CM2).

Pour les classes de Savoie et Haute-Savoie, 3 ateliers peuvent être réalisés en classe :
  • La fabrication des Fromages de Savoie
  • La ronde des sens
  • Les Fromages de Savoie : des acteurs durables du territoire
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