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Guaranteed and controlled quality

The 8 Savoie cheeses: five Protected Designation of Origin (PDOs) and three Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs)
Providing consumers with meaningful guarantees, this certification shows the upholding of values related to the land, know-how, as well as the taste and nutritional qualities of the cheese. To define the qualities and distinctive characteristics of each cheese, while also taking into account recent changes, the specifications arising from the PDO and PGI certifications are regularly updated.

Protected Designation of Origin

The European transcription of AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin), the PDO quality certification provides consumers with a guarantee that the recognised products have close ties to the land, demarcating a geographic area governed by specific rules of production, concerning the breeding of livestock to the maturing of the cheese.



Protected Geographical Indication

Existing at European level, the PGI quality certification defines specifications guaranteeing the source of the products from a specific region as well as their quality, associating this to various stages of product development.

This protection provides the consumer with a guarantee of the source of the product and adherence to very specific production rules. The INAO is the guarantor of the inspections carried out throughout the production process. In addition to checking adherence to PDO and PGI specifications, a collective organisation supports producers and cheese makers throughout the various Savoie cheese production stages. This offers a guarantee that specific practices are upheld (such as ensuring GMO-free feed) and that optimal product quality is offered (unpasteurised milk, taste qualities). Farmers take on board advice adapted to local conditions, as do cheese makers who draw on research results relating to inoculation.