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Shared lands :

Savoie Cheeses and wines

Shared values :

Unique lands... The Savoie region offers astounding diversity in terms of natural resources. PDO and PGI specifications incorporate the methods that have developed from ancestral practices, creating value from these exceptional lands by ensuring that our products retain their original taste qualities. This has helped stakeholders in the cheese and wine industries to contribute towards responsible management of the environment, upholding approaches favouring sustainable development.

Specific know-how for maintaining biodiversity and a protected environment and landscape: the use of mountain pastures, the farming of mountain breeds (cows and goats) and raw milk production all contribute, in different ways, to protecting very important floral and animal biodiversity. The soils on the slopes and along the banks of lakes and rivers, combined with exposure lending itself to the creation of micro climates offer ideal sites for the establishment of vineyards, and which also favour ripening of the grape.

Unique production zones for exceptional sensory harmony ...

Pairing recommendations :

  White wines Red wines Savoie Rosé wines Sparkling wines


Salinity, dried fruits

Chasselas Ripaille Gamay 2008**** Sparkling Rosé wine****


Sweet, powerful, delicate flavours

Chignin-Bergeron****     Sparkling white wine


Creamy, animalistic

Chasselas Ripaille,




Emmental de Savoie

Fruity, slightly acidic, sweet


Tome des Bauges

Long-lasting taste, animalistic, wooded, roasted


Wooded Mondeuse matured in barrels****,


  White or Rosé

Tomme de Savoie

Fruity, slightly acidic sweetness




Creaminess, richness

Jacquère Mondeuse ****  

Key :
*** : a good wine-cheese pairing
**** : a perfect pairing