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The Savoie Cheese Festival: an unmissable summer event!

Since 2005, the Association for Traditional Cheeses of the Savoie Alps (AFTALP) has been holding a SAVOIE CHEESE FESTIVAL each summer.

The main aim of the event? Bringing together members of the local population and stakeholders in the Savoie Cheese industry. Over the years, the Savoie Cheese Festival has been attracting more and more people. It has become the key summer event in the Savoie region.

Held in a different location each year, it allows the region’s inhabitants and holidaymakers to get a glimpse of the “behind the scenes” workings of the cheese production process with its associated values: protected environments, taste profiles, specific know-how and exceptional terroirs - all in the name of quality and fostering a spirit of togetherness.

 Fête des Fromages de Savoie                        







Previous Savoie Cheese Festivals:

In 2005 Beaufort, in 2006 Thônes, in 2007 Yenne, in 2008 Semnoz, in 2009 Abondance, in 2010 Minzier (near to Frangy), in 2011 La Chambre (in Maurienne), in 2012 Bellevaux, in 2013 Sommand, in 2014 St Germain la Chambotte and in 2015 Les Aillons-Margériaz


For the 12th event in 2016, the Savoie Cheese Festival will be held in La Chapelle d'Abondance, in the Abondance PDO area

Let’s meet up on Sunday 9 July!

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A free educational kit on Cheeses of Savoy PDO-PGI, exists : pedagogical, playful and attractive, it is at your disposal!
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3 ateliers pédagogiques à la carte pour les cycles 2 (CP-CE1) et les cycles 3 (CE2, CM1, CM2).

Pour les classes de Savoie et Haute-Savoie, 3 ateliers peuvent être réalisés en classe :
  • La fabrication des Fromages de Savoie
  • La ronde des sens
  • Les Fromages de Savoie : des acteurs durables du territoire
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